Price: 0.4455

Burnt: 786,604.8156

DeFi Fund: 794,550.3168

Total Supply: 98,213,395

Circulating: 7,342,319

Volume: 651,403


How can I obtain more information about the project?
We do advise you to find a project whitepaper that is available on our website and read it completely. Most of your queries will be solved from the whitepaper information. Please ask questions on Facebook and Telegram groups so that we can bring improvements to the project.
Facebook Group:
Telegram Group:
What type of tokens do you plan to release?
We are releasing our token in Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), with a 1:1 swap in Ethereum Network (ERC20). It is a Decentralised (DeFi), Governance, Deflationary Token.
What will be the maximum supply of tokens?
Maximum token supply will not exceed 99 million.
Can you provide your token distribution scheme?
Company will hold 19 million tokens. We plan to distribute 9 million tokens as referral incentives and for marketing projects. 10 million tokens will be reserved by the company as a liquidity reserve. In the course of the stakeholder ICO phase, we release 40 million tokens and later we intend to distribute 10 million tokens during each ICO phase.
If I want to buy tokens, how many of them will be possible to purchase?
It depends during what ICO phase you’ll decide to obtain tokens. A significant amount of tokens will be released during the stakeholder ICO phase - 40 million, after that only 10 million tokens will be available for acquiring during each phase. In each ICO phase, only 1 unit token can be owned by individuals.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept only crypto payment, equivalent to USDT value for easy calculation, store and manage funds. We do not use any form of fiat currency (USD, EUR, CNY, AUD, RUB e.t.c) so there is no possibility of the use of debit/credit cards, PayPal, Neteller, skrill, etc.
What will be the value of the Pylon Eco Token?
Company will offer the token in the range of 0.005 USDT to 0.6 USDT. We will list the token on the exchange in above 0.49 USDT value.
How do I generate profit through your Pylon Eco Token?
After acquiring Pylon Eco Tokens its value will undoubtedly rise, here is the reason why:
  • Fixed Supply: We have capped the max supply of tokens to 99 million.
  • Burning: The company intends to burn inactive tokens that will create conditions for hoisting the value of PETN.
  • The ecosystem's 50% net profit in the token will be burned from the system each year.
  • Buyback Policy: A certain amount of the company income will be used to purchase Pylon Eco Tokens from exchanges and will be burned. This will cause more deflation and will further drive the token price up.
  • Staking: Staking tokens holders are rewarded by staking incentives, which will create a shortage of those tokens in the market.
  • Liquidity Reserve: Company's holding 10 million tokens will be used as liquidity, which will also create a shortage of tokens in the market.
What is the locking period of Pylon Eco Tokens?
Starting from the 213 days locking period for the Stakeholder ICO phase, the locking period for the next ICO phase will be calculated by deducing the current opening days of the ICO phase from the earlier locking period days. As a result, unlocking of the token will start immediately after all ICO phases are completed.
What is the unlocking procedure for the Pylon Eco Tokens?
Daily 0.03% unlocking of the token after the locking period in days will be finished. More % up to 4 times of token release rule is applicable for those who bring new token holders to the ecosystem. Unlocking tokens in smaller % helps to control the supply in the market. The estimated release of tokens per day is around 24-96 thousand per day with max. 25% per year, which can be changed by voting in the future as per the demands.
What referral incentives program company intend to implement?
Starting from 5%, 2.5%, 1.25%, 0.75%, 0.5% resulting in a total of 10% referral incentives will be awarded for five levels in tokens respectively. It is provided if you own a token in the same ICO phases or you refer at least five members in any ICO phase. Those incentives received in tokens are unlocked. They can be used fully or partially for transferring to other wallets or in the ecosystem platforms.
What wallet can I use to add my Pylon Eco Tokens?
You can use any wallet that supports Tron crypto and some of them are as the following, which are listed below.
  • Trust Wallet
  • Tronlink
  • Ledger Hardware wallet
When will I receive my Pylon Eco Tokens?
First Token is calculated and issued on the website (non-blockchain), and before the unlocking period starts we will fully implement the complete blockchain-based distribution of tokens in your personal wallets which can be also verified in