Price: 0.6859

Burnt: 784,494.9614

DeFi: 792,419.1510

Total Supply: 98,215,505

Circulating: 5,000,000

Volume: 442,139


The ICO tokens Release mechanism is 25% linear every year. The release starts after the first exchange listing.

Stakeholder ICO

This is a phase of ICO, who backs the project based on ideas with taking very high risk. This phase is intended for founder members of the project who provide fuel to start the project.

  • Token Value: 0.005 USDT
  • Allocated: 40 Million
  • Distributed: 40 Million
  • Status: closed

Private ICO

This is a phase of ICO, who wants to be early adopters of the project after knowing the clear picture of it. This phase is intended for the leaders, an early participant of the project.

  • Token Value: 0.04 USDT
  • Allocated: 10 Million
  • Distributed: 10 Million
  • Status: Completed


This is a phase of ICO, for crypto enthusiasts interested in the project and wants to get involved in the early stage of the project. This phase is intended for the marketers.

  • Token Value: 0.12 USDT
  • Allocated: 10 Million
  • Distributed: 9.99 Million
  • Status: Closed

Exchange Listing

World's First Social Infused Exchange

Decentralize Automated Market Maker

We advise you to carefully consider whether this token is appropriate for you, as the project intends to generate profits through various online trading of Forex, Crypto and Stocks. You should be aware of all the risks associated with owning a token and seek advice from your financial advisor if you have any doubts. We do not advise to own or participate in this project from the countries where crypto is not legal.


The company sees the future and market value to the E-commerce, Travel, Auction, Gaming, Crypto Wallet, Crypto Exchange and Payment Industry. These diverse online ecosystems provide significant leverage to use tokens in our daily life.

Mobile Topup & Gift Cards

Provides a wide range of payments in Finance, Gift Cards, Government, Insurance, Internet, Landline, Mobile, Television, Transportation, Utilities and VoIP services across Africa, Americas, Antarctic, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

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Travel (Hotels/Flights)

Provides a wide range of payments required for your travel needs national and international Hotel Reservations, Flight Tickets, Car Rentals, Cruises, Trains Tickets and Insurances around the globe.

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Offers millions of products with the best price guarantee. Starting from the USA, we are opening new countries for local delivery of all our products, upcoming countries are India, Australia, China and Russia.

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Provides a wide range of products in auction where you can participate and place your bids on your desired price. We have products available for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly deadlines for it.

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Offers wide collections of games for adults and non adults in free or paid for real time earnings. You can play as a challenge with your friends. Games are across racing, shooting, adventures, puzzles, cards, toss, rullets, slots, arcades e.t.c.

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Buy, store, exchange and earn crypto using our trusted and secure crypto wallet. We offer internal wallets along with external wallets. Using internal wallets to transfer across ecosystem sites in your account are fast, secure and free of cost.

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As a growing demand of crypto across the globe, we offer the widely used top crypto to buy, sell or trade. Some of the cryptos are BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, USDT, TRX, XRP e.t.c.

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Payments & Cards

It offers the payments and remittance service, through which you can cash out your token values in fiat currencies through its channel partners. It will also offer prepaid debit cards to use worldwide through exchange of your tokens.

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Guarantee Portfolio

Crypto value funds raised from different ICO phases are utilized in the below sectors. Initially, it is determined as the following value allocation. Then, the subsequent value allocations will be determined through the voting system by the token holders in the future.
The following portfolio backs our ICO tokens purchased from the company. It is like a guarantee for our ICO token holders.

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